What's new in the UAV industry?

Sunflower desiccation by using agrodrones: experience of Culver Aviation

During September-October this year, Culver Aviation specialists conducted pre-harvest sunflowers desiccation in the Chernihiv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. This agricultural technique allows to ensure uniform ripening of crops and avoids qualitative and quantitative losses of the crop. In total, our team has processed almost 1000 hectares within the project. Here is how desiccation allows to harvest more crops, and our experience of using agrodrones for its implementation.

Turn-key field processing: Culver Aviation introduces the team and UAV rental service

Realizing the profitability of using UAVs for field processing, more and more farms are considering buying their agro drones. However, this requires additional costs and measures, and renting drones is always associated with controlling and solving organizational issues. To avoid the risks and costs of organizing your department of operators, you can use the rental of teams and UAVs from Culver Aviation. Our new service involves the temporary hiring of a team of Culver Aviation UAV operators for your company for the time you need. Let us tell you more about how it works.

Digitalization of cemeteries: how drones explore existing final resting places and help to establish new ones

Digitization of the land bank of territorial communities is the key to successful planning of their development. To make the management of community property more efficient, UAVs come to the aid of local governments. Along with land management, the leadership of village, town and city councils are tasked with ensuring the functioning and maintenance of cemeteries. Here is how drones are used to survey existing cemeteries and establish new ones.

Air quality monitoring with MENATIR: how the data collected by UAVs ensure environmental safety of the population

Control over the condition of atmospheric air is one of the key links of the environmental monitoring system, on the quality of which depends not only the state of human health, but also the world economy. To ensure constant control over the environment and the use of natural resources, even in hard-to-reach places, an environmental inspectorate is assisted by UAVs. The Aerial Monitoring UAV Network Menatir, designed by Culver Aviation engineers, allows to perform continuous monitoring of air quality in automatic mode.

Go beyond the observable: how drones help farmers see more

Agromonitoring is an important component of proper field work planning and efficient resource management. To optimize farming, monitor the situation inside the field and identify problem areas in time, unmanned aerial vehicles come to help farmers. They allow to see things that are unavailable during a regular inspection. Here is how it works on the example of one of the implemented projects of Culver Aviation.

Versatility and capabilities of the Menatir system

More than 2,500 visitors from the USA, Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Sweden, Brazil, Cyprus, Portugal visited the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, where Culver Aviation presented its innovative UAV monitoring network Menatir at the beginning of September. The company's specialists told about the versatility and capabilities of the system in an interview for Commercial UAV News.

Farming in times of war: how drones help to harvest more from Ukrainian fields

This year, the interest of the agricultural sector in the processing of fields with drones has significantly increased. They can be used for irrigation, fertilization and application of plant protection products, and with the beginning of autumn - also for pre-harvest desiccation of crops. Here is how the specialists of Culver Aviation help farmers to process fields with desiccant using copters, and what is the importance of this event for harvesting.

Menatir: the history of creation of automated aerial monitoring UAV network

The invention of UAVs capable of monitoring the Earth's surface has raised the level of technology in many areas. Imagine what a system that can provide continuous aerial monitoring using UAVs in automatic mode without human intervention is capable of? This is the question that Culver Aviation engineers asked themselves at the end of 2020. The result of their creative search has become the Menatir system.

Features of Menatir drones

Menatir provides automated aerial monitoring of the Earth's surface by using tailsitter drones specially designed by Culver Aviation engineers. These are unique 5-screw drones that rise vertically into the air, switching to horizontal flight mode, and land in reverse order on their tail. This mechanism ensures the smoothest possible take-off of the UAV and its landing at the given point.

The 2022 agro challenges: how drones help to ensure the country's food security

The 2022 agricultural season is perhaps the most difficult in Ukrainian history. Lost agricultural storage capacities, mobilization of staff and machinery, fuel shortages, mined fields, and uncertainty about the sale of future harvests are just some of the challenges faced by the Ukrainian agricultural sector as a result of russian aggression. In times of crisis, new technologies are becoming increasingly important to make farming more efficient and resources saving. One of them is aerial monitoring of fields using UAVs.

Menatir by Culver Aviation: what is unique about the innovation

The Menatir system, designed by the engineers of Culver Aviation, is a network of UAV base stations for real-time automated aerial monitoring 24/7/365. It allows companies and state institutions to receive and process information from the Earth's surface continuously without human intervention.

Culver Aviation presented the MENATIR, an innovative aerial monitoring UAV network

An innovative aerial monitoring UAV network Menatir designed by the engineers of Culver Aviation was represented at the Commercial UAV Expo, which took place in Las Vegas last week.