What's new in the UAV industry?

Culver Aviation and Poltava State Agrarian University have signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation

The company's specialists will contribute to the training of Poltava State Agrarian University specialists and provide conditions for students to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice at the enterprise. The partners will cooperate in the areas of education and research, as well as a mutual exchange of experience and professional development.

Using UAVs in the mining industry – a new level of surveying

Mining is one of the riskiest and most dangerous industries. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are designed to help mitigate these risks and reduce the cost of mining operations. Their use allows for automating processes, improving data accuracy and personnel safety, and increasing the profitability of enterprises. Traditional "ground-based" methods of surveying in quarries are associated with an increased level of danger, require more time, and are not always effective in complex and hard-to-reach areas. Here's how UAVs speed up and reduce the cost of mining operations and help control and audit the extracted and stored raw materials.

Automated aerial monitoring: how Menatir system helps businesses to make informed management decisions

Despite their name, unmanned aerial vehicles require careful support from operators, which means additional time, money, and the influence of the human factor on aerial monitoring. To minimize them, Culver Aviation has designed and developed an automated system for monitoring using UAVs — Menatir, which has become a response to the demand of industries that need to quickly and thoroughly monitor the earth's surface with a subsequent operational analysis of the data obtained. Here is how Menatir helps companies and government agencies to make optimal management decisions.

UAV aerial photography: how drones help territorial communities to develop comprehensive spatial development plans

The consequence of the decentralization reform in Ukraine was the allocation of a new unit of administrative-territorial structure – the territorial community – and the introduction of comprehensive planning for the development of their territories. A comprehensive plan for spatial development is a document that includes plans for the prospective use of the entire community territory based on the analysis of its resources and provides the community with effective mechanisms and tools for managing its development. Here is how aerial photography data collected by UAVs help to ensure sustainable development and effective land bank management for communities.

Multispectral mapping with MENATIR: what is the advantage compared to standard UAVs

Multispectral imagery allows us to effectively monitor seedlings' condition, record all crop development changes, and see all the nuances of crop development, inaccessible to human vision. Analysis of information obtained through multispectral mapping helps farmers to plan fertilization and plant protection products in time, save money and increase yields. The Aerial Monitoring UAV Network Menatir, designed by Culver Aviation specialists, allows conducting continuous and automated monitoring of crops without going to the field, with a response time of 3 minutes. Here is how it works.

Field area measurement by drones: how Culver Aviation helps business to avoid unnecessary losses due to unreliable data on the land bank

Knowing the exact area and structure of your fields is the basis of effective land bank management, the key to the correct use of the budget, and the first step towards the implementation of precision farming. According to the experience of Culver Aviation, to correctly calculate the number of costs and unnecessary expenses at the planning stage of agricultural work, field measurement should be carried out every year or two, depending on the size of the farm and the dynamics of changes in the land bank. Here is an example of a completed project to show how reliable data on cultivation areas allows you to avoid extra losses and plan your budget correctly.

Sunflower desiccation by using agrodrones: experience of Culver Aviation

During September-October this year, Culver Aviation specialists conducted pre-harvest sunflowers desiccation in the Chernihiv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. This agricultural technique allows to ensure uniform ripening of crops and avoids qualitative and quantitative losses of the crop. In total, our team has processed almost 1000 hectares within the project. Here is how desiccation allows to harvest more crops, and our experience of using agrodrones for its implementation.

Turn-key field processing: Culver Aviation introduces the team and UAV rental service

Realizing the profitability of using UAVs for field processing, more and more farms are considering buying their agro drones. However, this requires additional costs and measures, and renting drones is always associated with controlling and solving organizational issues. To avoid the risks and costs of organizing your department of operators, you can use the rental of teams and UAVs from Culver Aviation. Our new service involves the temporary hiring of a team of Culver Aviation UAV operators for your company for the time you need. Let us tell you more about how it works.

Digitalization of cemeteries: how drones explore existing final resting places and help to establish new ones

Digitization of the land bank of territorial communities is the key to successful planning of their development. To make the management of community property more efficient, UAVs come to the aid of local governments. Along with land management, the leadership of village, town and city councils are tasked with ensuring the functioning and maintenance of cemeteries. Here is how drones are used to survey existing cemeteries and establish new ones.

Air quality monitoring with MENATIR: how the data collected by UAVs ensure environmental safety of the population

Control over the condition of atmospheric air is one of the key links of the environmental monitoring system, on the quality of which depends not only the state of human health, but also the world economy. To ensure constant control over the environment and the use of natural resources, even in hard-to-reach places, an environmental inspectorate is assisted by UAVs. The Aerial Monitoring UAV Network Menatir, designed by Culver Aviation engineers, allows to perform continuous monitoring of air quality in automatic mode.

Go beyond the observable: how drones help farmers see more

Agromonitoring is an important component of proper field work planning and efficient resource management. To optimize farming, monitor the situation inside the field and identify problem areas in time, unmanned aerial vehicles come to help farmers. They allow to see things that are unavailable during a regular inspection. Here is how it works on the example of one of the implemented projects of Culver Aviation.

Versatility and capabilities of the Menatir system

More than 2,500 visitors from the USA, Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Sweden, Brazil, Cyprus, Portugal visited the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, where Culver Aviation presented its innovative UAV monitoring network Menatir at the beginning of September. The company's specialists told about the versatility and capabilities of the system in an interview for Commercial UAV News.