What's new in the UAV industry?

Menatir: the history of creation of automated aerial monitoring UAV network

The invention of UAVs capable of monitoring the Earth's surface has raised the level of technology in many areas. Imagine what a system that can provide continuous aerial monitoring using UAVs in automatic mode without human intervention is capable of? This is the question that Culver Aviation engineers asked themselves at the end of 2020. The result of their creative search has become the Menatir system.

Features of Menatir drones

Menatir provides automated aerial monitoring of the Earth's surface by using tailsitter drones specially designed by Culver Aviation engineers. These are unique 5-screw drones that rise vertically into the air, switching to horizontal flight mode, and land in reverse order on their tail. This mechanism ensures the smoothest possible take-off of the UAV and its landing at the given point.

The 2022 agro challenges: how drones help to ensure the country's food security

The 2022 agricultural season is perhaps the most difficult in Ukrainian history. Lost agricultural storage capacities, mobilization of staff and machinery, fuel shortages, mined fields, and uncertainty about the sale of future harvests are just some of the challenges faced by the Ukrainian agricultural sector as a result of russian aggression. In times of crisis, new technologies are becoming increasingly important to make farming more efficient and resources saving. One of them is aerial monitoring of fields using UAVs.

Menatir by Culver Aviation: what is unique about the innovation

The Menatir system, designed by the engineers of Culver Aviation, is a network of UAV base stations for real-time automated aerial monitoring 24/7/365. It allows companies and state institutions to receive and process information from the Earth's surface continuously without human intervention.

Culver Aviation presented the MENATIR, an innovative aerial monitoring UAV network

An innovative aerial monitoring UAV network Menatir designed by the engineers of Culver Aviation was represented at the Commercial UAV Expo, which took place in Las Vegas last week.

Culver Aviation will present its innovation at an exhibition in the United States – the Menatir system

A team of engineers from Culver Aviation has developed the aerial monitoring UAV network, which allows to provide real-time 24/7 surveillance of any object, without human intervention. The company will present its innovation at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, September 6-8.

Culver Aviation joined the events dedicated to the Ukrainian Aviation Day

On the last Saturday of summer is celebrated the professional holiday of Ukrainian pilots - the Day of Ukrainian Aviation. This year the holiday fell on August 27. Culver Aviation joined the events dedicated to the Aviation Day.

Drones and Independence: how UAVs became a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle for freedom

The year of the 31st anniversary of Ukraine's independence is one of the most difficult, but perhaps the most important in its history. It has been a test of strength, endurance, maturity and self-awareness for all of us. Our six-month struggle for our freedom and independence has thousands of symbols, and drones in 2022 have become one of them.

Culver Aviation, SmartFarming and Vkursi Agro cooperate to assess war devastation in Ukraine

Culver Aviation has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Interaction with SmartFarming and Vkursi Agro. The partners will work together to effectively assess Ukraine's devastation from the war within the RebuildUA project.

Culver Aviation UAV operator school welcomes you for training in Kyiv

Culver Aviation is pleased to announce the opening of the UAV operator school in Kyiv and invites everyone to attend the training. Classes in the 5-day basic course on the fundamentals of UAV operation start on Mondays. The first group of students in Kyiv started training on August 15.

Culver Aviation and Lviv Polytechnic will cooperate to train UAV engineers

Culver Aviation and Lviv Polytechnic National University have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. Specialists of the company will participate in the training of students in the new educational program "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", which will host its first learners this year.

Culver Aviation presented its in-house produced drone SKIF as a part of the "Army of Drones" project

Culver Aviation participated in the presentation of high-tech drones for Ukrainian "Army of Drones", held on August 2 in Gostomel.