Culver Aerospace joined the Demining Bootcamp

Culver Aerospace joined the Demining Bootcamp

Culver Aerospace took part in the Demining Bootcamp, an accelerator program to support innovations in humanitarian demining initiated by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and Kyiv School of Economics. About 30 teams presented their ideas and developments at the event, which took place on December 2-3 in Kyiv.

Together with our partners, the Charitable Foundation " Postup" and the Ukrainian Reconstruction Platform UADamage, Bohdan Gerasymchuk, who is responsible for humanitarian demining at Culver Aerospace, joined the Demining Bootcamp in the sections "IT solutions" and " Inspection". The company representative also took part in the teams' work on ideas for creating more effective products and technologies. 

The Demining Bootcamp has become a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas for developers involved in humanitarian demining in Ukraine. Since the key area today is the use of state-of-the-art technologies, this program helps Ukrainian inventors and innovators quickly scale their developments and receive expert assistance in finding funding, certification, market entry, etc. Such events also provide an opportunity to establish horizontal cooperation between businesses, developers, and government agencies.

All projects and developments presented at the Demining Bootcamp were evaluated and commented on by an expert group consisting of representatives of the National Mine Action Authority, the Ministry of Defense, the State Emergency Service, and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. The most promising of them will be included in a four-month acceleration program, where participants will receive support from mentors and experts in creating a project roadmap and developing a business model and a business development plan from an idea or prototype to a certified product or technology.

The finished and improved products are planned to be tested at testing grounds and in real conditions next spring.

Culver Aerospace, together with its partners, helps to explore areas that may be potentially contaminated with explosive ordnance using UAVs of its design and production. Together with UADamage, the Ukrainian Reconstruction Platform, we are working on a technology that combines the capabilities of our UAVs, satellite imagery, and artificial intelligence to survey mined areas. In cooperation with the Charitable Foundation "'Postup'", Culver Aerospace is involved in the development and testing of MinesEye technology for identifying mines and explosive devices and creating minefield maps based on the data obtained with its help.