Corporate Social Responsibility of Culver Aerospace

Social responsibility in business is one of the priorities for Culver Aerospace.

We are an innovative technology company, and we understand that the future of our country, in particular, depends on how responsibly Ukrainian businesses operate today. In our work, we adhere to the requirements of current legislation, support charitable and volunteer foundations, and follow global trends aimed at ensuring sustainable societal development and positive change.

The greatest asset and value of Culver Aerospace is its people. Our company is open to experienced professionals as well as those who are just starting their careers. We strive to create a comfortable, safe, and attractive environment that encourages collaboration and stimulates innovation.

Environmental Policy

We conduct our activities in accordance with current environmental legislation, aiming to minimize the negative impact on the environment and make rational use of natural resources. Our company only uses environmentally safe technologies, takes measures to prevent pollution through waste reduction and recycling, and promotes the use of alternative energy sources. 

Respect for Rights and Freedoms of People

We comply with laws related to freedom of association and privacy, recognize and respect the rights and freedoms of individuals as enshrined in the Constitution. The company has established a transparent system for hiring, career advancement, and termination, allowing each employee to exercise personal control over the observance of their rights.

Employee Development and Safety

We create comfortable and safe working conditions for the development of our employees. Since our company's production activities involve certain risks, including working with machinery, Culver Aerospace does everything possible to control and minimize them. 

We invest in our employees, provide them with training and access to necessary resources and tools. The company also offers corporate medical insurance and creates conditions to support a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate volunteering

Culver Aerospace is a participant in the "russia Will Pay" and "RebuildUA" projects, volunteer initiatives aimed at digitizing, analyzing, and disseminating information about the destruction in Ukraine caused by russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2022. The company's team of specialists helps conduct aerial monitoring of objects damaged by russian occupiers to build a database of evidence and obtain compensation and international financial assistance for the post-war recovery of the country. 

In the early months of the russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2022, the company opened a free Drone Operator School. We also contribute to assisting children's homes and children affected by the war, organize corporate blood donation days and more.

Building a Reputation of Trust and Integrity

We establish long-term relationships with our partners and employees based on trust, integrity, responsibility, and mutual benefit, in order to meet high standards of business conduct and ethical behavior.

Supporting and Promoting Education, Innovation, and Research Activities

We collaborate with educational institutions, share our experience with students, and provide support with material and technical resources.

Since the 2022 academic year, Culver Aerospace has been involved in training future engineers as part of the new educational program "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" at the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Welding at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". Students of this specialization have the opportunity to take specialized courses and training at Culver Aerospace, intern at the production facilities, and learn to operate drones within the UAV Operator School courses.