Culver Aviation and Poltava State Agrarian University have signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation

Culver Aviation and Poltava State Agrarian University have signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation

The company's specialists will contribute to the training of university specialists and provide conditions for students to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice at the enterprise. The partners will cooperate in the areas of education and research, as well as a mutual exchange of experience and professional development. 

Poltava State Agrarian University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine that trains specialists in agriculture and other sectors of the national economy. In addition, the university's team of scientists develops and implements technological solutions to ensure the rational and safe use of agricultural land through remote monitoring, particularly with the help of UAVs.

As the provision of aerial monitoring services for agriculture is one of the key activities of Culver Aviation, the company's specialists will be honored to join the training of future specialists in the domestic agricultural sector.

The partners will pay special attention to geographic information systems by mutual agreement. Andrii Levchuk, Head of Geoinformation Systems at Culver Aviation, and Yurii Utkin, Head of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Poltava State Agrarian University, will be responsible for the development of theoretical and practical training in this area. 

"I am confident that the combination of scientific developments and ideas with their practical implementation at innovative enterprises is a good basis for achieving results. We understand that the quality of training of future specialists directly depends on the ability to consolidate theoretical knowledge and skills in practice. We are grateful to Culver Aviation for the opportunity to improve our educational program and provide students of Poltava State Agrarian University with high-quality theoretical and practical training", Yuriy Utkin notes.
"Training of modern agricultural specialists is impossible without the use of innovative technologies and products offered by Culver Aviation. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural monitoring is the future of agriculture. Therefore, the exchange of information and experience in this area is of mutual interest to us", adds Oleksandr Halych, Ph.D. in Economics, Professor, First Vice-Rector of Poltava State Agrarian University.

The cooperation agreement between Culver Aviation and Poltava State Agrarian University provides for joint seminars and conferences, as well as internships and practical training for university representatives at the company's premises. The university will take into account the company's proposals when developing training curricula and work programs related to the specifics of Culver Aviation's activities. 

"Supporting and promoting educational, innovative, and research activities is one of Culver Aviation's top priorities. We are already cooperating with Lviv Polytechnic National University within the framework of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles educational program, and we will be happy to join the training of specialists at Poltava State Agrarian University, which is one of the most authoritative agricultural education institutions in Ukraine.

As a company that has been providing aerial monitoring services for agricultural enterprises for many years, we see the interest of our customers in the use of UAVs. This interest has grown especially this year, when, due to the challenges of martial law, Ukrainian farmers began to look for ways to use resources more efficiently with the help of the latest technologies.

Drones have long proven to be an effective tool for automating operational processes and increasing production efficiency. We are grateful to the management of the educational institution for the opportunity to share our experience and contribute to improving the quality of national agricultural education", says Sergey Ivanov, CCO of Culver Aviation.