The Culver Aviation team took part in the Summer School of Geodesy and Land Management 2023 at NUBiP


On July 28, 2023, the Summer School of Geodesy and Land Management 2023 was held at the Faculty of Land Management of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, which was joined by the Culver Aviation team. The event was held at the Botanical Garden and Sports Complex of NUBiP of Ukraine.

The NUBiP Summer School of Geodesy and Land Management is a traditional academic event that annually brings together students of the Faculty of Land Management, teachers and employers to communicate, share experiences and get acquainted with the most advanced surveying equipment and software used by professional surveyors and land managers.

In addition to expanding their theoretical knowledge in the field of geodesy and land management, students of NUBiP and other educational institutions had the opportunity to combine it with practical skills and participate in various seminars, workshops, sports competitions, geodesic contests and quests.

This year, more than 170 students joined the NUBiP Summer School of Geodesy and Land Management, and the most active of them received awards and valuable prizes from the largest professional association of land surveyors in the country, the Association of Land Management Specialists of Ukraine.

Culver Aviation became one of the 5 leading companies in the industry that joined the School. As part of the event, Andriy Levchuk, Head of Geoinformation Systems at Culver Aviation, held a master class for land surveying students on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in geodesy and land management.

The Culver Aviation team also demonstrated to the participants one of the UAV models of its own design and production – the Skif drone, designed according to the “flying wing” aerodynamic scheme.

Designed for aerial photography, it allows our specialists to provide a wide range of services for customers in various fields and industries – from agricultural monitoring to assessing the effects of natural disasters and destruction. Drones are especially important for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, the first stage of which is the collection of digital data to form a database of evidence of war crimes committed by the occupiers and compensation for damages. Culver Aviation is working on this task with partners within the “russia will pay” project framework.

Land resources are one of Ukraine's largest assets, and ensuring their rational use is key to food security and economic development. Proper land management and accurate geodetic information will help attract investment, ensure the growth of the national economy, and improve the welfare of the population. The qualifications of future geodesy and land management specialists will determine the control and rational use of this valuable resource and the effectiveness of restoring damaged and building new infrastructure. Thus, the training of highly qualified specialists in the industry will be an important factor in the sustainable development of Ukraine, ensuring its economic prosperity, environmental safety and social stability.

We thank the organizers and management of NUBiP for creating an effective platform for networking and sharing experiences with young people! We are always happy to share our experience and knowledge with future specialists in geodesy and land management to improve their professional training!