Culver Aviation took part in Field Days in Kyiv and Khmelnytsky regions


At the end of June and beginning of July 2023, Culver Aviation took part in the Field Days held in the village of Kuzmin, Khmelnytsky region, and the village of Yemchyha, Kyiv region.  

As part of the events, the company presented UAVs of its design and production, which are used for agricultural monitoring, determining the exact contours and area of fields, applying plant protection products, microfertilizers and desiccants, and pest control by dispersing trichogramma.

On June 29, Culver Aviation took part in the traditional Field Day of Biligrain Seed Company. The event was held on the territory of the Biligrain seed plant of Agrokrai and gathered more than 400 representatives of agricultural enterprises from many regions of Ukraine.

Visitors were able to get acquainted with Biligrain's demo plots and see the company's achievements in seed production and manufacturing. Also, all those present at the event learned more about precision farming technology, which involves the use of innovative technologies to improve crop quality and optimize the cost of seed, fertilizers, plant protection products, etc. by monitoring, taking into account individual needs and responding to changes in the condition of agricultural land.  

In particular, unmanned aerial vehicles help to carry out this process with the required accuracy, allowing to receive remote sensing data, create detailed orthophoto plans of fields, determine their area, exact contours and relief, and process crops from the air. Our specialists told the visitors of the Field Day how Culver Aviation helps increase agricultural production efficiency with the help of UAVs of its own design and production.

On July 7, Culver Aviation joined the partners of the Field Day held in the village of Yemchyha, Myronivskyi district, Kyiv region. The event, organized by the Community of Producers and Consumers of Pulses of Ukraine and the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Ukraine, was held at the technological and seed agricultural enterprise Tvk Seed Agrocompany and gathered more than 500 farmers from all over Ukraine, becoming the largest field event of this summer.

Participants of the Field Day learned about various technologies for growing traditional and niche crops, received professional advice on the use of fertilizers, plant protection products, and biological products, and saw the results of their action on demo plots.

The event also featured a testing ground for modern agricultural machinery and agrodrones. At the Field Day, Culver Aviation presented unmanned solutions that optimize costs and increase the efficiency and accuracy of agricultural operations.

Thus, agro-scouting with the help of a self-designed "flying wing" Skif UAV allows us to obtain up-to-date data on the condition of crops and identify problem areas in time, organize the farm's land bank and plan fieldwork taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain and the dynamics of plant vegetation. Culver Aviation specialists use multi-rotor systems of their own design and development to apply microfertilizers and plant protection products, carry out pre-harvest desiccation and disperse trichogramma.

We thank the organizers and participants for their interest in innovative technologies and continue to help farmers work more efficiently. See you at new events!