Application of microfertilisers and plant protection products


The use of drones in agriculture allows not only to determine the actual size of plots, monitor the situation inside the field and identify problem areas in time, but also to protect the crop by applying microfertilisers, plant protection products (PPPs) and other necessary preparations

Culver Aviation provides aerial photography services, measuring the exact contours and area of fields, and also uses drones for crop processing: irrigation, application of microfertilizers and plant protection products, pre-harvest desiccation of crops, etc.

Advantages of using agrodrones for applying microfertilizers and plant protection products

[ 01 ]

No mechanical damage to plants from wheeled machinery (up to 10% of the crop is saved)

[ 02 ]

Employee safety by minimizing human contact with chemicals

[ 03 ]

Lower production costs

[ 04 ]

Saving water, fuel and plant treatment products

[ 05 ]

Efficiency of work (processing up to 2.5 hectares of field in one flight in 12 minutes)

[ 06 ]

Coverage of hard-to-reach places and the ability to apply drugs even in difficult conditions

[ 07 ]

Possibility of differentiated fertilization


To process the fields, we use a professional 20-liter agrodrone of domestic production Reactive Drone Agric RDE616.

This copter can lift up to 17.5 liters of the product, and in one flight it processes a field of up to 2.5 hectares with a flow rate of 7.5 liters/ha