UAVs designed and manufactured by Culver Aviation for use in agriculture were presented at UCAB Agrotechnology 2023

Culver Aviation took part in the national-scale field event UCAB Agrotechnology 2023, which took place on August 2 and 3, 2023, in the village of Velyke Kolodno, Lviv region. The company presented UAVs of its own design and production within the exhibition area of the event, along with other novelties of equipment, resources and precision farming systems.

UCAB Agrotechnology is an annual show of agricultural technologies and innovations that combines demonstrations of equipment and technologies, thematic master classes, seminars and test drives.

This year, more than 70 companies demonstrated their agronomic innovations and innovative solutions for the development of precision agriculture in the exhibition area of UCAB Agrotechnologies 2023. The participants of the event were able to see demonstrations of tillage equipment, grain seeders, combine harvesters and reapers, navigation equipment, trailed and self-propelled sprayers, precision seeders, tractors and agrodrones, a plenary part with case studies from representatives of leading agricultural companies, as well as networking and experience exchange.  

As part of the event, Culver Aviation presented UAVs of its own design and production, which help farmers effectively solve agricultural problems throughout the season and at every stage of the crop growing season.

With the help of our flagship UAV Skif, which has won the trust of not only Ukrainian farmers but also representatives of other industries, we provide crop monitoring services, create orthophoto plans of fields and organize land bank boundaries.

We also help to protect crops by applying microfertilizers and plant protection products, conducting pre-harvest desiccation and pest control using our own agrodrones. In the exhibition area of UCAB Agrotechnology 2023, Culver Aviation presented UAVs, which our specialists use to disperse trichogramma - AZNP-23 and STNC.

Trichogramma dispersal is a biological method of plant protection against insect pests, which consists in spraying small insects in the larval stage that feed on parasite eggs. UAVs developed and manufactured by Culver Aviation are simple and easy to use, allowing you to apply the biological product quickly, cheaply, in the right areas of the field and in the required dosage. Our agrodrones can process up to 800 hectares in one work shift, and the GPS accuracy of application is within 0.5 m. We talked more about the benefits of trichogramma dispersal using UAVs here.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the field event UCAB Agrotechnology 2023 gathered more than 1500 guests and participants from all over Ukraine. The scale of the event and the interest of the participants in agro-innovations prove that there are no obstacles for the representatives of the Ukrainian agricultural sector and inspire us to new achievements that will help to increase the efficiency of field work, optimize production costs and increase crop yields.