Culver Aviation is launching a telecommunication towers survey service

Culver Aviation is one of the leaders in the market of UAV-based monitoring, analysis and data collection. Now it is launching a telecommunications towers assessment service. It will be useful for the owners of the infrastructure itself as well as telecom corporations because it speeds up data collection by 75% and does not require the involvement of the high-altitude workers.

Instead of high-altitude work involving industrial climbers, Culver Aviation uses a quadcopter of its own design, which circles over the object and collects all the necessary data in a short time. As a result of the survey, the client receives the following data:

  • integrity and tilt angle of the tower;
  • condition of the equipment, which is mounted on the tower;
  • surrounding area status (if necessary).

The method speeds up the survey process. Instead of examining one object for several days, now it’s possible to check a few objects just in one day. The customer receives data in a convenient format that will help to make management and engineering decisions.

We are constantly expanding the list of services we provide because the possibilities of using UAVs in combination with modern software are unlimited. The telecommunication towers survey service will significantly save time and money for their owners and telecom operators during network deployment, as well as, for example, when restoring communication in the territories liberated from the occupiers

Sergiy Ivanov, Chief Commercial Officer at Culver Aviation

It is worth mentioning, that Culver Aviation has launched a new service - the creation of 3D models for damage assessment.