Menatir: the history of creation of automated aerial monitoring UAV network

The invention of UAVs capable of monitoring the Earth's surface has raised the level of technology in many areas. The ability to obtain correct and reliable data about objects on demand, assess the damage caused by natural disasters, determine the condition of crops and even develop plans for search and rescue operations are only a small part of the tasks that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles makes possible.  

Imagine what a system that can provide continuous aerial monitoring using UAVs in automatic mode without human intervention is capable of?

This is the question that Culver Aviation engineers asked themselves at the end of 2020. After 2 years of hard work, the Menatir system appeared – automated aerial monitoring UAV network.

The Menatir system is a network of base stations in the container form with UAVs of a unique 5-screw "tailsitter" design placed inside. All aircrafts are launched from the container in automatic mode - at the operator's command in case of an urgent mission or in accordance with pre-programmed tasks - and allow companies and government institutions to continuously receive and process information from the Earth's surface without human intervention for a wide range of tasks.

Here is an interview about the history of Menatir creation and its path from concept to implementation.