Culver Aviation presented the MENATIR, an innovative aerial monitoring UAV network

An innovative aerial monitoring UAV network Menatir designed by the engineers of Culver Aviation was represented at the Commercial UAV Expo, which took place in Las Vegas last week. 

The uniqueness of the system consists in its ability to provide fully automated and non-stop real-time surveillance of the Earth's surface without human intervention. The Menatir system literally provides information from the air to control territories and collect data. It helps to make informed management decisions based on their analysis. 

Culver Aviation engineers came up with the concept of an autonomous land surface monitoring system in 2020. The company's specialists aimed to create a technology to speed up the response time to the survey request and to perform missions without the participation of UAV operators. The result of their creative efforts was the Menatir system. 

Culver Aviation engineers were challenged to develop a unified ecosystem. All its components, such as network base stations represented by containers, navigation systems, drones, and software should have worked as a well-coordinated mechanism. 

The new concept also required the development and creation of a new UAV of the so called "tailsitter" type, which vertically rises into the air, switching to horizontal flight mode, and lands in the reverse order on its tail. Thus, a new aircraft appeared – a drone of a unique 5-screw design with the smoothest take-off and landing at a given point. 

The Menatir system was created as a comprehensive solution to provide inspections and continuous surveillance without human intervention. For this purpose, all drones of the system are designed to be variable. They have 6 different types of payloads, which we’ll describe in a more detailed way in our next materials. 

The Culver Aviation team presented the capabilities of the Menatir system at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas. It has immediately become the focus of attention of the exhibition participants and has already found the first users interested in its implementation. 

Our best specialists such as designers, aerodynamicists, programmers, electronic engineers, and experts of the R&D department have been working hard for 2 years to present the Menatir system. What seemed unreal at the beginning became possible as a result of the tireless efforts of the entire Culver Aviation team. 

"MENATIR is a source of reliable data for a huge number of industries. The flexibility of the system, the variety of workloads and the speed of data delivery allow us to provide different information for different users at the same time.

The Menatir system is easily scalable to cover large areas and it requires only one person to operate the system from any location in the world. This unique combination of drone technology and intelligent decision support system opens new opportunities for business and government for getting answers to challenging questions and making people's lives more comfortable and safe, and the environment more predictable. I would like to thank the entire Culver Aviation team for their hard work and persistence. Let’s work together for new achievements!"

Oleksandr Danylenko, CEO of Culver Aviation.