Culver Aviation participated in the round table of Poltava State Agrarian University to discuss the digitalization of the agricultural sector and local government

On February 23, 2023, the Department of Information Systems and Technologies of Poltava State Agrarian University hosted a roundtable meeting, with Denys Sudyk, Head of Sales at Culver Aviation, as one of the participants. The company's representative joined the discussion of the role of innovative information technologies for the development of the agricultural sector and the formation of plans for the spatial development of territorial communities.

The event was also attended by representatives of local governments of Poltava region, Poltava State Agrarian University, as well as the management and members of the scientific council of the Industry 4.0 implementation center established at the university. During the roundtable, Volodymyr Muravlev, Head of the Center, presented the results of the organization's activities, which focus on attracting modern innovative technologies and combining the scientific potential of higher education institutions and businesses that develop and apply them.

The agricultural sector is one of the key sectors for both Poltava region and Ukraine as a whole, and it directly affects the food security and economic situation of our country. Amidst the crisis caused by Russian aggression, the agricultural sector is in need of the latest technologies to reduce costs and increase yields.

The issues of digitalization of the agricultural sector and effective land management are equally relevant for farms, local governments, and higher education institutions.

For example, farmers need digital technologies to properly plan field work and rationally allocate and save resources. For Poltava State Agrarian University, one of the oldest educational institutions that trains agricultural specialists, the availability of innovations is a guarantee of high-quality training of future specialists and increased prestige among applicants and employers. In the context of European integration and decentralization of power, the availability of up-to-date data on the community's land bank allows for increased revenues to local budgets, investment attraction, and sustainable development of the territory.

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles are an important link in the process of digitalization of the agricultural sector, providing a wide range of opportunities for collecting information and its further processing and analysis to make informed management decisions. During the roundtable, Denys Sudyk presented innovative developments and capabilities of UAVs developed and manufactured by Culver Aviation.

In particular, the data obtained with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles become the basis for the development and implementation of geoinformation portals - a network of geospatial databases for effective planning of territory development, land resources and municipal property management. The deployment of GIS portals is an effective tool for interaction between local governments and businesses and a source of consolidated geodata for making management decisions.

"Effective land management is a common challenge for agricultural enterprises, territorial communities and other local governments. And drones play an important role in creating effective and efficient mechanisms for collecting spatial information. However, without qualified personnel and an understanding of the benefits of their use, the potential of UAVs will not be fully utilized. That is why we are confident that the introduction of such technologies requires trilateral cooperation between higher education institutions, representatives of local authorities and businesses, and companies that provide these solutions",

says Denys Sudyka, Head of Sales at Culver Aviation.

Culver Aviation cooperates with Poltava State Agrarian University and Lviv Polytechnic National University to promote educational, innovative and research activities. The company contributes to the training of higher education specialists and provides conditions for students to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice at the company.

Such events are also important for popularizing information technology. Familiarizing local authorities and business representatives with existing developments and best practices in land management will accelerate digitalization and create an innovative landscape for sustainable development of territories.

Culver Aviation's next roundtable on land management innovations will be held on March 17 in Poltava. Representatives of the company will demonstrate the possibilities of creating orthophotomaps using UAVs, in particular for the development of comprehensive plans for the spatial development of territories.  To learn more, follow our news or call 0 800 351 709.

We remind you that the first event in a series of planned roundtables was held on February 3, 2023 in Uman at the Uman National University of Gardening.