Turn-key field processing: Culver Aviation introduces the team and UAV rental service

Drones have long proven themselves in agriculture as a tool that helps farmers make the right management decisions, reduce production costs, and increase yields. 

In the context of the crisis, rising prices for fuel and lubricants, and other resources, drones are increasingly used to cultivate fields. They are used to apply micro fertilizers and plant protection products (hereinafter – PPP), as well as pre-harvest desiccation of crops.

The main advantages of using drones for field processing include: 

– no mechanical damage to plants from wheeled machinery;

– saving water, fuel, and preparations for plant treatment; 

– application of preparations even on fields with difficult terrain; 

– the possibility of differentiated application of plant protection products.

Losses only from tramlines during spraying are estimated at 10% of the total yield. Drones avoid damage to crops caused by wheeled machinery and also save up to 90% of fuel consumption compared to traditional sprayers. 

Realizing the profitability of using UAVs for field processing, more and more farms are considering buying their agro drones. However, the purchase of aircraft is not yet a guarantee of an effective result and requires additional costs and measures. Let's find out what is better - to buy or rent drones, and what other options farmers have.

Buy or rent: risks and disadvantages of each approach

Effective crop cultivation technology depends on many factors, including weather and soil, and climatic conditions. To timely carry out all the necessary operations with the help of drones, first of all, the farm must have a sufficient number of them by the scope of the planned work. In addition, all the main spare parts and ready-made replacement drones should always be available in case one of them breaks down - farmers do not have the opportunity to wait for it to be repaired during the season. 

The company must also hire or train its drone operators, pay their salaries, service the equipment, repair and replace consumables, etc. All this requires management, control, and additional financial costs. If we take into account that the processing of fields in the technology of growing crops, depending on the volume and weather conditions, takes from several days to weeks, the worries associated with the purchase of drones do not always justify themselves. 

To avoid the latter, some farms use the drone rental service. However, this approach also has several important drawbacks. 

Firstly, the application of some drugs can take place only under certain weather conditions. Thus, the efficiency of pesticides is affected by several natural factors: temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, etc. Delays related to the coordination of organizational issues, payments, departure of the team to the field, problems with equipment, etc. can become an obstacle to the treatment under optimal weather conditions.

Secondly, the need to control the team remains. Thus, if the work is carried out by a less experienced team that is not familiar with the plots, their relief features, and existing obstacles, delays and mistakes often occur during application. To avoid the so-called "mattresses" (untreated areas at the junction of drone flights or along the application line) and to be sure of the quality of the work performed, you will have to control the process and spend time and effort that could be directed to other, more important issues.

What is the alternative? 

To avoid the risks associated with renting drones and the costs of organizing your department of operators, you can use the rental of teams and UAVs from Culver Aviation. 

Our new service involves the temporary hiring of a team of Culver Aviation UAV operators for your company for the time you need. The drones will be available for all your tasks, and the company's specialists will be constantly at the company's base during a fixed work shift* as if they were your employees. 

We take care of all organizational and service issues. In case of damage to the UAV or the need for repair, you will immediately receive another one for replacement. We will also help with obtaining all necessary permits for flights in your area. 

Taking advantage of our offer, you will not need to worry about organizing your department of operators based on the farm, buying drones, their maintenance, and staff training. You will receive the support of a highly qualified team with modern UAVs, as well as all the necessary equipment**, including transport, equipment, and all its components.

What are the differences and advantages compared to conventional rent? 

Mobility of the working team and efficiency of work

The pilot team is always available during a fixed work shift*. We take care of the operability of our operators and equipment, including rotation and continuous training of staff, maintenance and replacement of equipment, etc. to provide services on time, efficiently, and in full. 

Full control over the team

The rented team will be engaged only in your farm and will be in constant guaranteed availability to perform field processing tasks. 

Qualified UAV operators 

Our specialists have experience in applying micro fertilizers, plant protection products, and desiccants, focusing on the parameters of the field and its relief features.

Own equipment and service

We use professional agro drones for our production for the application of preparations. In case of damage or the need for repair, you will immediately receive another one for replacement. 

Favorable terms of cooperation

Renting a team is cheaper*** than ordering field treatment services with payment per hectare. 


Do you want to rent a team and UAV or learn more about the service? For all questions, please contact by phone 0 800 351 709.


*The duration of the work shift is determined by the terms of the contract and should not exceed 10 hours per day 

**components of the team and UAV rental services are determined by the terms of the contract

***the exact cost of the team rental is provided upon request and is formed based on the TOR